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what is Gofly

Go Fly Prize

The world prepares for air taxis and flying cars Boeing starts a flying car competition GoFlyPrize First phase of competition attracts competitors from 100 countries 10 contenders win $20k prizes each at the end of Phase 1 Five contenders received prizes of $50k each in Phase 2 The third and final phase was the Fly Off where the teams tried to fly their vehicles One $1,000,000 Grand Prize to be awarded for the best compliant overall Fly Off score One $250,000 prize for the quietest compliant entry One $250,000 prize for the smallest compliant entry One $100,000 prize, the Pratt & Whitney Disruptor Prize awarded for disruptive advancement of the state of the art At the Fly Off held in Silicon Valley area on February 29 2020 the big prize was not claimed by any team Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the GoFly Prize changed the awarding process to give the 1.000.000 $ grand prize to the team that will satisfy the Gofly Prize criteria the first As soon as we are ready we will claim the 1.000.000 $ prize

Competition Rules

Vertical or near vertical take off and landing capability Distance between any two extremities must be no more than 8,5 ft (259 cm) Solid of Constant Width Will be piloted by a person of 200 lb (90.7 kg) or remotely carrying an equal weight test dummy Will be able to travel 20 mi (32 km) Will be in the air for 20 minutes 10 minutes of reserve will be measured at the end of the trip Will be no noisier than 87db metered at 50 ft It will provide an open air experience with an open view (window side seating) What the device looks like or how it works to accomplish the task, and accomplish it safely is up to you Impossible for some inevitable for us
speed course
Speed & Range
landing area with virtual fence
rider sight cone

UCUC Project

Project lead Murat Odabaşı 50
Background aviation enthusiast
Based in Istanbul -Turkey
Budget US$ 30.000
Vehicle Specifications
Max speed 100 kt (115 mi, 185 km)
Max noise 87 db (at 50 ft, 15 m)
Range 30 mi (50 km)
Seating 200 lb (90 kg)
Rotor diameter 8.5 ft (2,59 m) 12ft modified
Endurance 30+ minutes
Footprint 15 ft² (1.4m²) blades folded
The name UCUC means 'FlyFly' which is also a name for the Lady Bug in Turkish UCUC folds its wings just like the lady bug does Thanks to its simple design and affordable price part 103 compliant UCUC can start a new generation of air sports and a new generation of personal air transport Our design is a single rotor monocopter design that looks like a classical helicopter A single top rotor coupled with a smaller antitorque rotor Unlike the classical helicopter design there is no cyclic or collective controls Instead the power is used by means of changing the rotor RPM Tail rotor is tilted for the purpose of control No complex mechanical connections No flight computer to program which is vulnerable to hacking No fairings to make The simplest and easiest design to build Still the easiest to control Takes up the space of a motorbike with easy blade folding or removing Safe with a good degree of autorotation capability and motor redundancy Optionally hybrid or fully electric with a choice of ranges Speed boost possibility with gimballing tail rotor A total of 60hp peak power system, an average of 45hp power use Can be sold as a kit helicopter to be fitted with a power plant of users' choice
inventor Murat Odabaşı
yours truly
Lady Bug flapping wings - this is Mk2, Mk3 is in the works
Flying Car design by Murat
Novel Cargo Helicopter design by Murat

Action Plan

Sponsorship & Investor support will be sought Construction will start using inexpensive materials like steel, plastic and automobil or motorcycle engines and those parts will be replaced with aviation grade parts afterwards Weight lightening measures will be taken at later stages Our concept design has been completed and a small animation of it is shown next to the inventor's picture above The machine will be trialed by controlling remotely but flight demonstration can be human piloted Experimental certification will be saught IP protection measures will be taken after the first succesfull flight

Let's build the future

Join us and get your share from the grand prize I have been working on this as a one man team in the past 3 years The design meets all the requirements of the GoFly competition The design comprizes patentable innovation and can provide a competitive advantage Gofly Prize participation will bring monetary returns to the UCUC project in the short run The total weight of the machine will be under 80kg and the simple design will be easy to build We will have the best standing among the challenge competitors Each 1% of the shares of the UCUC Project company is offered for US$ 3000 Contact me now to join the UCUC project that will make history

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Ataşehir - İstanbul
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$ 1.500 investment promised
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